Hardy Tropical Flats Series WF7

599,00 kr

The Hardy Tropical Flats Series fly line gives you the best chance to tackle the challenges of modern flats fishing for permit, bonefish, triggerfish and Co. The stiff line core combined with a heat resistant saltwater coating offer superb turnover of the fly in hot conditions when conventional lines would simply melt down. Instead the line enables you to cast your fly into a strong headwind right at a cruising fish. The longer taper is very stable and allows for pinpoint accuracy within the “hot” 10m 20m zone and beyond. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot launch a 30m rocket when required – sure thing it does. 😉


Saltwater fly line for tropical conditions
Long taper for accurate presentations in the 10m – 20m range and beyond
Twin colour Floating Fly line
Heavy duty welded Tip loop
Laser printed line ID
Total length: 100 ft (27,4 m)
Colour: marine / teal

Klumpvekt: 18,5 gram / 285 grain

Klumplengde: 14,9 meter

Total lengde: 30,5 meter

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