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Mastery Textured Streamer Express Taper is asuper fast sinking line that pulls the streamer deeper than any other line on the market. This means more time where the fly is in the honey spot to catch that monster trout. Connected to the 0 feet of sinking line is an intermediate running line that stays clear of wind chop that can mess up a drift or swing. Presenting the fly is now taken care of with the Streamer Express Taper. So pick your favorite streamer and hold on. Super Fast Sink Rate (5 to 8 Inches per second) AST Formulated Lines for Farther Casting Unique Line Identification (SA-ID).

Applications / Features:

Premium Casting and Sinking Fly Line
Specifically designed for subsurface fishing – goes deep, stays deep!
Superior casting and shooting
Settles below the surface out of wind and chop
Fast sinking head fused to an intermediate running line
Super Fast Sink 5.5 – 8.0 ips, 6’ – 20’
Monofilament core, mod stiffness, strong delivery
SA ID – SA MTX SE ### GR – where ### denotes grain weight

WF Taper Characteristics:

Longer head for optimum combination of distance and control
Long front taper for smooth delivery at any range
Works like a DT in close, excels at distance too
Excellent for roll casting, mending and long pick-ups


Microtextured surface on specially formulated 3m PVC integrated with patented AST-Advanced Shooting Technology


Braided multifilament

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