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Greys Gr20


Greys GR20 Fly Rod

For fly fishermen, there is nothing more satisfying than catching a fish imitatively. The fact that you have identified the right species of fly that is hatching, and by carefully spooning the fish, able to pinpoint the exact fly to use from your fly box. It is a skill in itself because it requires a level of entomological knowledge to identify the fly species in the first place. Similarly, there is also a considerable amount of skill needed in fly rod design because it follows the same principle as it’s intended application. To identify materials, actions, and processes that will make the act of fly casting fly line as efficient as possible. Greys have mastered this method and consistently push the boundaries of rod building to produce fly rods that surpass their predecessors – and contemporaries! This is abundantly evident in the Greys GR20 Fly Rod series.

Whether you are new to the sport of fly fishing, or a seasoned expert, technique undoubtedly plays a big part. The more efficient you are at presenting your fly to a fish, with high accuracy and minimal splashing, the more successful you will be. But, sometimes there is a need for compensation, so a rod that is forgiving and can adapt to the style of casting is a huge bonus. This is what the GR20 was made for.

It is an accessible rod and perfect for newcomers, however, very capable of delivery excellent line speed, and long loops in the hands of a more experienced caster. It is smooth and forgiving and features a high modulus carbon blank that has much higher than average compression strength. It is not stiff but highly responsive and perfect for fly fishermen trying to hone their technique.

Regarding specification, the GR20 features line guides on the bottom section which are hard-lined, and intermediate, chrome, snake guides along the blank. Chrome is much more efficient at resisting water corrosion. The snake guides are smooth and encourage high ‘shootability’ of the fly line on the final delivery of the forward cast. Snake guides also stop the line from hitting the rod blank when generating high line speed, reducing friction and subsequently improving distance. The reel seat is made from hard-anodised aluminium which offers higher protection from corrosion than metal or brass reel fittings. The reel seat also features twin locking nuts to ensure due-diligence, preventing reel ‘slippage’ and the potential nightmare scenario of coming off and landing in the water during casting.

The rod blank is finished in black gloss and is fitted with a hard wearing, AAA natural cork handle. AAA cork gives you a confident grip but promotes sensitivity which is essential when you are trying to control rod tip speed. AAA also helps you detect tugs, and pulls on the fly line when slow retrieving or figure of eight looping.

The GR20 range goes from an 8ft #4 weight 4 piece, which features a half wells handle, to a 10ft #7 weight 4-piece which features full wells handle and fighting butt. The shorter 8ft is ideal for small rivers and light Stillwater use. The 10ft is at the other end of the spectrum and is perfect for larger rivers or Stillwaters, casting heavier lines and larger flies. So whatever type of venue you frequent, there is a fly rod in the range to suit all styles of fly fishing.

Some budget fly rods compromise on performance and quality, using cheaper materials with very little testing. The GR20 however, is the exception. Using state-of-the-art technology, extensive testing in the field, traditional methods of production and strict quality control, the net result is a fly rod that not only looks good but offers the best value for money compared to similar rods in its price bracket. The GR20 range is a range that allows you to buy into the Greys brand at an affordable price without any sacrifices

Key Features

Smooth, forgiving, medium action which enables you to cast with ease
Intermediate modulus carbon blank
AAA grade cork handle
Anodised Aluminium saltwater safe reel seat with twin locking nuts
Hook keeper ring on all models
Each model supplied with Cordura rod tube

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