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The Scandinavian approach to Skagit type fishing with heavy sinking tips. Based on our bestselling DDC Connect Shooting heads, this Skagit Head has emerged after serious testing and evaluation of the specific properties needed in a line that is expected to carry heavy loads in the shape of tips and flies, as well as being easy to cast and lift out of the water. The powerful main part of the body creates enough energy to generate long, controlled casts with fast sinking tips.

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The taper of the line makes it possible to use for a wide range of fishing applications and also with different kinds of rods and casts. It also handles other Guideline Double Density Tips with ease.The line is packed with advanced features such as super slick dual coating, strong, small welded loops with line information, non cracking, non PVC coating formula and DC (Direct Contact) core which increases line control and bite detection.

For the most versatile use of your CONNECT SKAGIT Head, follow the line/rod recommendations. This way, you may use the line for modern spey casts, overhead casts; double spey casts or Snap-T’s or any other sustained anchor cast. It will perform superbly and bring great performance in varied conditions.

If you want to optimize the line/rod combination for sustained anchor casts only, (like Circle-C, Snap-T or Double Spey) then move up one line weight to maximize the rod load.

The CONNECT SKAGIT is a complete set and comes with T10, T14 and T18 interchangeable 15’ tips for real dredging. For your convenience they come in a practical mesh wallet and all parts are pre-looped for easy handling and fast change of fishing tactics.

The length of the heads vary from 7-8 meters (23-26’) excluding tips.
Color: Lime Yellow.


Spesifications – Head only
Line Weight Length
7/8 or 8/9 Twohanded rods 32gram/500 grains 7m/23 feet
8/9 or 9/10 Twohanded rods 35gram/550 grains 7,5m/24,6 feet
9/10 or 10/11 Twohanded rods 39gram/600 grains 7,5m/24,6 feet
10/11 or 11/12 Twohanded rods 43gram/660 grains 8m/26,3 feet


Spare Tips for your CONNECT SKAGIT line. These Tips are made from the fastest sinking polymer/tungsten compound available and have a sink rate of 8 inches/sec. They are 15’ long and can be cut shorter if desired.

This is how the T-labeling works: T10 – means that the weight of this leader is 10 grains/foot. Total weight for 15 feet is 150 grains/10 grams.


T6 7ips = 18 cm/sec
T10 8ips = 20 cm/sec
T14 9ips = 23 cm/sec
T18 10ips = 25 cm/sec

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